v14 Preview: New Reports and Report Options

Only 4 days to go until Uniwell Lynx v14 is released! Here is a preview of the new reports and report options that will be available.

New Reports

Uniwell Lynx v14 will include two new reports – a Major Group Sales Tax report and a Group Sales Tax report. Both reports show tax exclusive amount, tax amount and tax inclusive amount, with an optional chart.

Click on the images below for a closer look!

Major Group Sales Tax Report
Group Sales Tax Report

New Report Options

Uniwell Lynx v14 will include even more options to filter and customise your reports.

Option to hide reports that are not required: This will make it possible to have a simplified list of reports tailored to your analytical needs.

‘All texts’ option added to Journal Text Filter: An extension to the existing Journal Text Filter for the Electronic Journal Report, the ‘All texts’ option allows for filtering the report to only show transactions that contain all the entered texts.

‘Sort PLUs’ filter added to some Item Sales reports: A new option to filter some Item Sales reports by Sort PLUs.

Uniwell Lynx v14 will be released on March 14, 2023

New Support Tutorials

Along with the release of Uniwell Lynx v10 this week, brand new tutorials are now accessible on our support website. They are designed to assist customers in using their software and getting the most out of it. More tutorials will gradually be added.

  • Easy to understand
  • Completely free
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Hyperlinks to related tutorials

Visit support.lynxsoft.net to check them out

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