Uniwell Lynx v12.02.0018

New Feature

  • Support added for BarTender 2021 in Export Items for Label Printing
    Note: If updating an existing installation the LabelSoftware.ini file must be deleted in order for it to be reinitialized with the BarTender 2021 option added 

Uniwell Lynx v12.02.0012

New Model Support

  • HX-3500

New Firmware Support

  • HX v5.10

New POS Programming

  • Vouchers
  • Upsell Times

New Reports

  • Item Wastage by Day
  • Item Transaction Analysis
  • Media Sales
  • Customer Tax

New Report Options

  • Show Quantity option added to Hourly Sales by Day report
  • Location name included in report header if only a single location is selected for the location range
  • Date range added to Deposit Book report
  • Start/End Date/Time included on non-consolidated Transaction Batch Reports
  • Options to hide Percent, Average and Avg/Trn columns on Transaction report added to Preferences


  • Date range added to Deposit Book grid

Scheduled Jobs

  • Backup Folder, Include Log and Tmp Files, Include PRG Files and Optimise Data File options added to Automatic Data Backup
  • Repeat Fortnightly option


  • Stock Location option added to Items by Location to allow items to deduct stock from a location other than the location where the item was sold


  • Import Accounts Flow Promotional Pricing


  • Export prices for Ecommerce Integration


  • Modify Item Load Time (Reduced from 3.83 seconds to 2.25 seconds on benchmark PC)


  • ‘Exclude files older than’ option added to the ‘Include Log and Tmp Files’ option


  • Sort PLU filter added to Find Items grid and Calculate Selling Prices grid
  • Months/Weeks option added to Purchases/Sales grid on Item Enquiry screen

v12 Release

Uniwell Lynx v12 is now available! Click here to find out about its new and improved features.

Existing customers can contact their Uniwell Lynx Reseller or Support Provider for more information/upgrade pricing or they can fill out the enquiry form on our Upgrades and Subscriptions page.

New customers interested in purchasing Uniwell Lynx can visit our Buy page.

Uniwell Lynx v11.10.0010

New Features

  • Support for v5.00 firmware updated for auto-full report format type 2
  • Group filter added to Weekly and Monthly KPI reports
  • POS Backups extracted direct from POS Terminals when communications configured to use an FTP server
  • Adjustment flags added to Import/Export Items

Uniwell Lynx v11.09.0013

New Firmware Support

  • HX-6500/5500/4500/4000/2500/1500-03 v5.00

New Features

  • ‘Set PLU Deactivate flag during Send Program if location stock level <= 0’ option added to Preferences > Communications
  • ‘Do not send customers with No access to customer flag set’ option added to Preferences > Communications