Uniwell Lynx v12.04.0011

New Features

  • ‘Time Zone 1 Setup’ option replaced with ‘Uniwell Lynx required settings’ option in Send Program
    • This new option will send the settings required by Uniwell Lynx for …
      • Time Zone 1
      • Tax System Options
      • FTP System Options
  • Support for importing prices updates and new items from uStocktaker

Uniwell Lynx v12.04.0005

New Features

  • Disable Stock Location option added to Items by Location
    • This option can be used selectively by location by item to disable stock level updates when item sales are processed
  • More detail on POS Terminal Setup Instructions report
    • Now includes ‘Calculate taxes when charging to customer’ setting and FTP System Option settings if applicable

Critical Issue with HX v5.00 or later firmware

Applies To

  • Using the Customers Module in Uniwell Lynx with HX v5.00 or later firmware if your system has been setup to track customer balances at the POS Terminals by using a ‘Charge to customer’ media when finalising customer transactions

Issue Description

  • If a customer transaction is finalised using a ‘Charge to customer’ media and then a payment is made using the the Payment button on the Customer File screen the initial sales transaction is recorded in the EJF without the media and tax details and as such cannot be processed in Uniwell Lynx as a customer transaction


  • If the HX terminal has v5.00 or v5.10 series firmware then it must first be upgraded to v5.20 or later
  • Enable the ‘Calculate tax when charging to customer’ option (Program > Tax > Tax > System Option)

Uniwell Lynx v12.03.0011

New Features

  • Support for PDT price check and import barcode features added to Core Product
  • Clerk Group Sales and Clerk Item Sales now based on the date that the items were sold by the clerk instead of the date the transaction was finalised
  • ‘Skip batch reports in scheduled jobs if all batch totals are zero’ option added to Preferences > Communications