v11 Release

Uniwell Lynx v11 is now available. Click here to find out more about it.

Existing customers can contact their Uniwell Lynx Reseller or Support Provider for more information/upgrade pricing or they can fill out the enquiry form on our Upgrades and Subscriptions page.

New customers interested in purchasing Uniwell Lynx can visit our Buy page.

Uniwell Lynx v11.02.0086

New Firmware Support

  • HX-6500/5500/4500/4000/2500/1500-03 v4.60

New POS Programming

  • Allergen

New Report Options

  • Wide Layout option with configurable column start hours added to Group Hourly Sales and Item Hourly Sales reports
  • Dashboard KPIs configuration
  • Report font selection Arial/Bahnschrift/Ebrima/Gadugi/Nirmala UI/Segoe UI/Trebuchet MS (Setup > Preferences > Other)
  • New report color schemes (Lime/Rose/Mustard)

New Customer Module Features

  • Customer Summary Report
  • New customer invoices/statements design with optional graphic logo
  • Email Customer Invoices
  • Cc and Bcc options and Merge fields for Email Subject/Message added to Email Customer Statements and Email Customer Promotions
  • Email New Customer Invoices option added to Scheduled Jobs

User Interface

  • New font – Segoe UI
  • New Color Schemes (Bubblegum/Sailing/Teal)
  • Form scaling (Setup > Preferences > User Interface)
  • New menu and shortcut bar icons

Scheduled Jobs

  • Restart POS Terminal option

Export Items for Label Printing

  • Option to save and load Label Configurations

Other New Features

  • ‘Show quantity on batch reports’ and ‘Show amount on batch reports’ options added to Function Texts
  • Bill numbers no longer required for Customer Invoices
  • Email fields increased to 255 characters
    (Company Info, Customers, Email Addresses, Locations, Suppliers)
  • FTP Folder setting added to FTP Server communications
  • ‘Do not allow new Stock Transfers if a source item has insufficient stock’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Options
  • PLU Related, Rate/Amount and Payment menu sub-items added to user security
  • Import/Export Settings options added to Setup > Preferences

v11 Countdown: Customer Email Options

Uniwell Lynx Version 11 will include lots of new customer email options, making it quicker and easier than ever to communicate with your customers.

Email Customer Invoices

With version 11, you will now be able to email customer invoices directly from within Uniwell Lynx. There will also be an ‘Email New Customer Invoices’ option added to Scheduled Jobs.

Email Customer Statements/Email Customer Promotions

When emailing customer statements and customer promotions, you will be able to Cc and Bcc any of the emails. It will also be possible to add merge fields in the email subject line and message, making it easier to send bulk emails with a personal touch.

Uniwell Lynx v11 will be released on February 11, 2020

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