Supported POS Terminals

Uniwell AX/HX series

Uniwell HX-2500 POS Terminal Uniwell HX-4500 POS Terminal Uniwell HX-5500 Terminal

Uniwell Lynx v10 supports the following Uniwell’s AX/HX series POS terminals …

  • HX-5500/4500/4000/2500/1500
  • AX-3000
Downgrade rights to v8/v7 are available if support for older Uniwell POS terminals is required
Supported AX/HX Firmware Versions v7 v8 v9 v10
HX-5500-F3 v4.40
HX-5500-F3 v4.00-4.30
HX-5500-03 v4.40
HX-5500-03 v4.00-4.30
HX-4500/4000-F3 v4.40
HX-4500/4000-F3 v4.00-4.30
HX-4500/4000-03 v4.40
HX-4500/4000-03 v3.30-4.30
HX-4500/4000-03 v2.80-3.20
HX-4500/4000-03 v2.10-2.70
HX-4500/4000-03 v1.00-2.00
HX-2500-03 v4.40
HX-2500-03 v3.30-4.30
HX-2500-03 v2.90-3.20
HX-1500-03 v4.40
HX-1500-03 v3.30-4.30
HX-1500-03 v2.80-3.20
HX-1500-03 v2.10-2.70
HX-1500-03 v1.60-2.00
AX-3000-03 v5.50-5.80
AX-3000-03 v1.21-5.40