Version History

Every Uniwell Lynx version has a support life-cycle that starts when it is initially released and ends when it is no longer supported. Check our Upgrades page for more about the benefits of keeping your software up-to-date.

New Operating System Compatibility AddedEnd of Support
Version 1Windows XP/Vista31/12/2012
Version 231/12/2013
Version 3Windows 731/12/2014
Version 4Windows 831/12/2016
Version 531/12/2017
Version 6Windows 1031/12/2018
Version 731/12/2019
Version 831/12/2020
Version 931/12/2021
Version 1031/12/2022
Version 1131/12/2023
Version 1231/12/2024
Version 13 Windows 11 31/12/2025
Version 1431/12/2026