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Uniwell AX/HX POS TerminalsLiteStandardEnterprise
Multiple POS terminals
POS Programming/Data MaintenanceLiteStandardEnterprise
Groups, Items, Clerks
Screen Layouts
Modifiers, Condiment Groups, Cooking Instructions, Menu Levels, Link PLU Groups, Set Menus, Categories, Mix and Match, Sort PLUs, Meal Deals, Upsell Messages, Allergen
Discount, Percentage, Adjustment, Tip, Discount Coupon
Media, Paid Out, Received On Account, Voucher, Tare Table
Customer Groups, Customers
Profit Margin and Selling Price Calculators
Grid-style Selling Price Editor
Promotional Pricing
7 Essential Sales Reports
Comprehensive Sales and Manager Reports
View or Print Reports
Email Reports or Send to Cloud Drives
Saved Report Configurations
Scheduled Report Generation
POS Terminal CommunicationsLiteStandardEnterprise
Communications Test
Send/Extract Program Data
Backup/Restore POS Terminals
Collect Sales (Z)
Read Sales (X)
Scheduled Communications
Journal Monitor
Other FeaturesLiteStandardEnterprise
User Security
Item Custom Lists
Price Level Mapping
Export Items for Label Printing
2GB database size limit
Support for large databases >2GB
Concurrent Access
Optional Modules AvailableLiteStandardEnterprise
Stock Control
Linked Items
Optional Add-Ons AvailableLiteStandardEnterprise
NDP Link
Ishida Link
CAS Link
Labour Cost Reporting
Accounts Flow Invoices
Export to Cooking the Books
Export to Xero

System Requirements
1GHz 32-bit (x86) processor and 512Mb RAM or better
500Mb free hard disk space for program installation
1024 x 768 screen resolution with 16-bit colour or better
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11