Uniwell Lynx v14.03.0007

New Features

  • ‘Default database access’ setting added to Setup > Preferences > Other in Enterprise Version
  • Save button added to Export to Cooking the Books and Export Prices to LMG so that the settings can be saved without doing an export

Uniwell Lynx v14.02.0024

New Firmware Support

  • HX v5.60

New POS Programming

  • Groups 1-99 included in new databases
  • Sell Price 1 shown in PLU selection grid when editing Screen Layouts

New Listing Options

  • ‘Sort by last modified’ option added to Item Price List, PLU Price List and Barcode Price List
  • ‘Show Last Modified Date’ option added to Barcode Price List
  • Screen Layout Buttons Listing
    • POS Terminal and PRG File shown in report header
    • Page Descriptions included in group headers

New Reports

  • Major Group Sales Tax report
  • Group Sales Tax report

New Report Options

  • Sort PLUs filter added to some Item Sales reports
  • ‘All texts’ option added to Journal Text Filter in Sales Reports
  • Option to hide reports that are not required


  • Separate Username and Password settings for FTP Server communications

Scheduled Jobs

  • ‘Include POS terminals in scheduled retries if some Z reports fail’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Communications
  • ‘Restart POS terminals before retrying scheduled collect sales jobs’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Communications
  • ‘Only post time stamped sales to previous day if time before’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Communications

Purge Data

  • Option to delete screen bmp files up to a selected date

LMG Add-On

  • ‘Import Price Updates from LMG’ option added


  • Table numbers extracted from Journal Data during Collect Sales and included in Journal Receipts grid
    Note: Only affects journal data collected after upgrading to v14
  • Spend Ratio Names added to Setup > Customize and included in drop-down list when editing Customers
  • ‘First day of week’ setting added to Setup > Preferences > Options