Uniwell Lynx v12.03.0011

New Features

  • Support for PDT price check and import barcode features added to Core Product
  • Clerk Group Sales and Clerk Item Sales now based on the date that the items were sold by the clerk instead of the date the transaction was finalised
  • ‘Skip batch reports in scheduled jobs if all batch totals are zero’ option added to Preferences > Communications

Uniwell Lynx v12.02.0018

New Feature

  • Support added for BarTender 2021 in Export Items for Label Printing
    Note: If updating an existing installation the LabelSoftware.ini file must be deleted in order for it to be reinitialized with the BarTender 2021 option added 

Uniwell Lynx v12.02.0012

New Model Support

  • HX-3500

New Firmware Support

  • HX v5.10

New POS Programming

  • Vouchers
  • Upsell Times

New Reports

  • Item Wastage by Day
  • Item Transaction Analysis
  • Media Sales
  • Customer Tax

New Report Options

  • Show Quantity option added to Hourly Sales by Day report
  • Location name included in report header if only a single location is selected for the location range
  • Date range added to Deposit Book report
  • Start/End Date/Time included on non-consolidated Transaction Batch Reports
  • Options to hide Percent, Average and Avg/Trn columns on Transaction report added to Preferences


  • Date range added to Deposit Book grid

Scheduled Jobs

  • Backup Folder, Include Log and Tmp Files, Include PRG Files and Optimise Data File options added to Automatic Data Backup
  • Repeat Fortnightly option


  • Stock Location option added to Items by Location to allow items to deduct stock from a location other than the location where the item was sold


  • Import Accounts Flow Promotional Pricing


  • Export prices for Ecommerce Integration


  • Modify Item Load Time (Reduced from 3.83 seconds to 2.25 seconds on benchmark PC)


  • ‘Exclude files older than’ option added to the ‘Include Log and Tmp Files’ option


  • Sort PLU filter added to Find Items grid and Calculate Selling Prices grid
  • Months/Weeks option added to Purchases/Sales grid on Item Enquiry screen