Uniwell Lynx

Smart software for managing your Uniwell POS terminals

Uniwell Lynx is packed with time-saving tools and analysis reports designed to help you manage and grow your business

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Sales and Profit Analysis

An extensive range of clear and concise reports to help you closely monitor the performance and profitability of your business

Easy Price Updates

Simply edit your selling prices and then send the updates to your POS terminals … it’s that easy!

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Uniwell Lynx Stock Control Icon

Stock Control

Track and optimise your stock levels with our optional Stock Control module

Add our Linked Items module for product component management


Our optional Multi-Location module has been designed for businesses that need to analyse sales and/or control stock across multiple locations

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Uniwell Lynx POS Screen Layouts Icon

POS Screen Layouts

Easily edit and manage your POS screen layouts

POS Programming

Quickly and easily maintain an extensive range of POS program options from your back-office computer

Already got a program in your Uniwell POS terminal? Simply extract the program and you’ll be up and running in no time!

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Uniwell Lynx Scheduled Communications Icon

Scheduled Communication

Set and forget scheduler for communication with your POS Terminals and producing reports

Cloud and Email

Get your favourite reports delivered automatically to your cloud drive or inbox!

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Track, analyse and build your customer base

Portable Data Terminals

Integration with portable data terminals makes stocktake entry a breeze!

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Optional Add-Ons

Extend the capabilities of Uniwell Lynx with one or more of our optional add-ons like Export to Xero, Labour Cost Reporting and Scale Integration

Easy to Use and Feature Rich

Uniwell Lynx is packed full of features to save you time and help you analyse and grow your business

Add to that our design philosophy that software should be easy to use and you have good reason to consider a Uniwell Lynx software solution!

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