Version 9 Preview – Data Entry Screens

The data entry screens for Items, Clerks and POS Terminals have been redesigned in Version 9.


Removal of support for old Uniwell POS terminal models has made it possible to simplify the Item data entry screen considerably …

  • Programming options that are no longer relevant have been removed
  • Commonly used options have been moved to the General tab for quicker access
  • Tabs and layouts have been reorganised for more intuitive data entry

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modify Item General Tab Uniwell Lynx v9 Modify Item Type Tab

Clerks and POS Terminals

The Clerk and POS Terminal data entry screens have also been redesigned.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modify Clerk Screen

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modify POS Terminal Screen

Version 9 Preview – Screen Layouts

In this post we will consider some of the improvements to Screen Layout programming that will be included in Version 9.

Button Layout 2

Version 9 will include support for programming Button Layout 2 and other settings for the Transaction Area of the display.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modify Button Layout 2 Screen

Add/Modify Items and Clerk Captions

Version 9 will also include support for Adding or Modifying Items while editing Screen Layouts and an option to Update Clerk Captions.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modify Button Layout 1 Screen

Automatically Update PLU/Clerk Button Clerk Captions

Two new options have been added to Preferences that can be used to Update PLU Button and/or Clerk Button captions automatically. If you enable these options then whenever you edit an item description or a clerk name the buttons in your screen layouts will be updated automatically.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Preferences Screen

Version 9 Preview – Modifiers

Welcome to the first in a series of posts that will provide a preview of some of the new features that will be included in Version 9.

The Modifiers feature of Uniwell AX/HX POS Terminals provides an elegant way to handle product variations. For example, a café may use modifiers to allow for small, regular, large and extra-large drinks – giving each variation a different price.

Modifier Messages

Version 9 will include support for programming the modifier messages used to identify variations of a product.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modifier Messages

These modifier messages will also be shown in the drop-down lists when editing items making it much easier to setup modifiers for your products.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modifiers Tab

Item Sales by Modifier Report

An Item Sales by Modifier Report will also be included in Version 9 so that you can analyse your sales of product variations.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Item Sales by Modifier Report

New Uniwell Lynx Tutorials

Our official support partner, POSLynx, have started releasing a new series of free tutorials for Uniwell Lynx. These tutorials have been updated in line with the latest features of the core module of Uniwell Lynx v8, and are primarily designed for those who are using Uniwell AX or HX model POS terminals.

Uniwell Lynx Tutorials by POSLynx

New tutorials in this series will be added to the above web page as they become available.

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Get Smart Reporting with v8!

The Smart Reporting features in Uniwell Lynx v8 make it easier than ever to have the reports you want automatically sent to your email or smart device. Check out the new Dashboard Report in Version 8.

Upgrades to Version 8 Available Now!

Contact your Uniwell Lynx Reseller or Support Provider for more information or submit an enquiry via our Upgrades page.

Uniwell Lynx v8 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Uniwell Lynx v8!

Upgrade to Version 8

Smart Reporting

Cloud-based POS reports without monthly fees! The Smart Reporting features in Uniwell Lynx v8 make it easier than ever to have the reports you want automatically sent to your smart device.


  • New Dashboard and Weekly KPI Reports
  • Read Sales Batches can be processed allowing data on all reports to be updated
  • Read Sales jobs can be scheduled for automated report updates
  • Email/Cloud format option added to Saved Reports (PDF/CSV/XLS)
  • Date/time stamp in the filename of reports sent to cloud drives option added to Saved Reports
  • Repeat Hourly option added to Scheduled Jobs

Customer Promotions

Build customer loyalty with promotions. Use advanced filtering to target your promotions to new customers, inactive customers, customers that have purchase a particular product and many other options.

  • Advanced filtering to select the customers for your promotion
  • Email your promotion with attachments direct to your customers or export a list of your selected customers for use with external software or online marketing solutions

Better Customer Account Management

Greater control over customer payment entry making it easier to reconcile your customer accounts.

  • Customer payment entry enhanced to allow payments to be allocated to specific invoices
  • Customer Statement format option added
    • Activity: Shows all transactions for selected date range
    • Outstanding: Shows only outstanding transactions

Reporting Enhancements

  • New report style
  • New Group Hourly Sales Report
  • Average column added to Daily Sales Report
  • Show Wastage option added to Item Sales report
  • Cost column added to Item Wastage Report
  • ‘Show customer points value’ option added to Customer Balances report
  • Option to use regional long date format for date ranges on reports
  • Option to show cost prices on Item/PLU/Barcode Price Lists
  • Reorder Levels Listing
  • Email address added to Customer Listing
  • Price 1 added to Look Up PLU Listing

New POS Programming and Data Maintenance Features

  • Date range and day of week options added to Mix and Match
  • Tax programming (for AX/HX only)
  • Upper/Lower Logo text programming (for AX/HX only)
  • Function Texts added to Extract Program (for AX/HX only)
  • Grid-style editing of Reorder Levels
  • Group/Sort PLU pages simulated in AX/HX Screen layouts
  • PLU/Barcode shown instead of Item Code in PLU selection grid when editing AX/HX Screen Layouts
  • PLU codes expanded from 6 digits to 18 digits so that PLU codes longer than 6 digits no longer have to be entered as barcodes
  • Security Level added to Clerks data grid
  • Custom fields 1 to 4 added to Customers
  • Automatic generation of PLU Code from Item Code for new items during Import Items if Item Code is a valid PLU Code and PluCode column not included in import file

Other New Features

  • Launch VNC option added to Sales Terminals grid for HX terminals (requires 3rd party VNC software)
  • Option to edit email subject and message when emailing Purchase Orders
  • ‘Data grid filters on text fields assume % wildcard prefix’ option added to Preferences
  • ‘Auto-populate PLU Code with Item Code when adding new Items’ option added to Preferences

Technology Phase Out

  • Support for SX-6xxx/PX/EX/LX/NX series ECRs removed
    Note: Version 8 can be purchased with downgrade rights to Version 7 if support for the above models is required