Uniwell Lynx v14.02.0024

New Firmware Support

  • HX v5.60

New POS Programming

  • Groups 1-99 included in new databases
  • Sell Price 1 shown in PLU selection grid when editing Screen Layouts

New Listing Options

  • ‘Sort by last modified’ option added to Item Price List, PLU Price List and Barcode Price List
  • ‘Show Last Modified Date’ option added to Barcode Price List
  • Screen Layout Buttons Listing
    • POS Terminal and PRG File shown in report header
    • Page Descriptions included in group headers

New Reports

  • Major Group Sales Tax report
  • Group Sales Tax report

New Report Options

  • Sort PLUs filter added to some Item Sales reports
  • ‘All texts’ option added to Journal Text Filter in Sales Reports
  • Option to hide reports that are not required


  • Separate Username and Password settings for FTP Server communications

Scheduled Jobs

  • ‘Include POS terminals in scheduled retries if some Z reports fail’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Communications
  • ‘Restart POS terminals before retrying scheduled collect sales jobs’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Communications
  • ‘Only post time stamped sales to previous day if time before’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Communications

Purge Data

  • Option to delete screen bmp files up to a selected date

LMG Add-On

  • ‘Import Price Updates from LMG’ option added


  • Table numbers extracted from Journal Data during Collect Sales and included in Journal Receipts grid
    Note: Only affects journal data collected after upgrading to v14
  • Spend Ratio Names added to Setup > Customize and included in drop-down list when editing Customers
  • ‘First day of week’ setting added to Setup > Preferences > Options