Uniwell Lynx v10.00.0042

New Firmware Support

  • HX-4500/4000/2500/1500-03 v4.40

New Programming Options

  • Upsell Messages
  • Price Level Times
  • Menu Level Times
  • Timed Links

New Sales Reports

  • Transaction by Period Report with 7 Days/7 Weeks/7 Days of Week/7 Months options
  • Group Sales Comparison Report
  • Item Sales Comparison Report

New Report Options

  • Journal Text Filter added to Electronic Journal Report
  • Journal Text Highlight Colours added to Electronic Journal Report
  • ‘Exclude item from sales reports’ option added to Items
  • Location filter added to Dashboard Report
  • Profit Amount and Margin % added to Customer Item Sales Report

New Listings

  • Item KP File Listing
  • Cooking Instruction Groups
  • Meal Deals Listing
  • Bucket Groups Listing
  • Set Menus Listing
  • Screen Layout Buttons Listing

Journal Receipts

  • Journal Text Filter

Scheduled Jobs

  • Extract POS Backup Files option added
  • Scheduled Job description included in Communications Log


  • Test button added to POS Terminals grid
  • Send GCD images option added to Send Program
  • ‘Read sales from REPORT_BACKUP’ option
  • POS Backup Files options added to Extract Program

POS Terminals

  • ‘Button images folder’ and ‘GCD images folder’ settings added
  • Branch and POS Number columns added to data grid


  • Condiment Group/Set Menu/Link PLU dropdown lists based on first PLU Program relevant to item
  • Default Max Price set to 0

Promotional Pricing

  • Option to Add Multiple Items to a Promotion


  • Price Level descriptions shown in grid and dropdown lists if default price level mapping used for all POS terminals


  • Training and System columns added to data grid


  • Option to show All Items, Active Items or Inactive Items

Email Alerts

  • ‘Automatically send an email alert whenever a scheduled job fails’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Other

Import/Export Data

  • Clerks

Export Items for Label Printing

  • Tax field added to export (Tax description and tax rate %)

Export Sales Data

  • Group Sales
  • Item Sales


  • Start of financial year setting added to Setup > Preferences > Options
  • Date/Time editor added to Log On/Log Off columns of Edit Attendance Times grid
  • Optional Notes Panel beside some data grids