Uniwell Lynx v9.00.0080

New Firmware Support

  • HX-4500/4000/2500/1500-03 v3.30
  • HX-4500/4000/2500/1500-03 v3.40

New Programming Options

  • Tare Table
  • Sort PLUs
  • Menu Levels
  • Modifiers
  • Discount
  • Percentage
  • Adjustment
  • Tip
  • Discount Coupon
  • Paid Out

New Sales Reports

  • Meal Deal Report
  • Item Sales by Modifier Report
  • Daily Sales Report replaced by Period Sales Report with Daily/Weekly/Monthly options
  • Item Sales by Period Report with 7 Days/7 Weeks/7 Days of Week/7 Months options

New Listings

  • Promotional Prices Listing

Report Style

  • Report colour scheme option added to Preferences

Data Maintenance

  • Range editing of Groups
  • Item data entry screen redesigned
  • ‘Auto-populate PLU Code with Item Code when adding new Items’ option in Preferences applied without the need to tab to the PLU Code field
  • ‘Synchronise item POS Description with Description’ option added to Preferences (Always/Auto/Never)
  • ‘Synchronise item PLU 2nd Name with Description’ option added to Preferences (Always/Auto/Never)
  • Sort PLU filter and column added to Items grid
  • ‘Copy selected item’ option added to Add Range feature of Items grid
  • Modifier Prices added to Item Selling Prices grid
  • Clerk data entry screen redesigned
  • Menu Level, Location and Destination columns added to Clerks grid
  • Range editing of Clerks
  • POS Terminal setup screen redesigned
  • Location filter added to Sales Terminals grid
  • Range editing of POS Terminals
  • Range editing of Customers
  • KP File Names, Security Level Names, Location Names and Destination Names added to Customize, Extract Program and data entry drop-down lists

Screen Layouts

  • Support for programming Button Layout 2
  • Options to Add New Item or Modify Item while editing Screen Layout
  • Option to Update Clerk Captions
  • ‘Set PLU button captions automatically in Screen Layouts’ option added to Preferences
  • ‘Set Clerk button captions automatically in Screen Layouts’ option added to Preferences


  • Location filter added to Communications Test, Send/Extract Program, Collect Sales, Backup/Restore Sales Terminals and Journal Monitor
  • Communications Test extracts Configure file so that Windows Firewall prompt is triggered and also checks and updates Firmware setting if it is a supported firmware version
  • New Automatic Extract Program Options added to POS Terminals for Groups, PLUs, Barcodes and Customers with option to extract New Items Only (These options replace the previous ‘Automatically extract new items during Collect Sales’ and ‘Automatically extract all program during Collect Sales’ options)
  • Scheduled Jobs setup screen redesigned
  • Option to print saved reports added to Scheduled Jobs
  • Option to send batch reports to cloud drive/s added to Scheduled Jobs
  • Price Levels added to Extract Program and Send Program
  • Recovery files saved during Collect Sales communications in case of power failure or other abnormal shutdown (Recovery files are automatically deleted after the sales batch has been created and batch tmp files created)

Sales Batches

  • Location, Sales Terminal and Date Range filters added to Process Sales Batches, Unprocess Sales Batches and Delete Sales Batches
  • Day of Week column added to Sales Batch grids
  • Cloud option added to Sales Batch Reports

Stock Control

  • Modify Item button added to Stock Purchases


  • Customer Invoices added to Customer Reports
  • Customer Receipts added to Customer Reports
  • Option to include Customer Receipts added to Email Customer Statements
  • Option to include Customer Invoices added to Email Customer Statements
  • Option to include attachments added to Email Customer Statements

Manager Reports

  • Item description added to Delete Item entries in User Log

Export Data

  • Option to include Inactive Items added to Export Items and Export Barcodes
  • LastUpdated column added to Export Items

Data File Management

  • Optimise Data File option added to Backup Data File

User Security

  • ‘Prevent user from modifying PLU codes or barcodes when modifying items’ option added to Users

External Data Access

  • Read-Only user login added to data files to allow data to be used in external applications like Microsoft Excel


  • Purge Data – ALL Transactional Data and Totals up to 23x faster
  • Archive Data up 1.5x faster
  • Screen layout editor load time reduced for databases with a large number of items
  • Minor performance improvement throughout application due to removal of old features

Old Features Removed

  • Support for DX/SX/TX/QX series ECRs
    • Note: Version 9 will be available with downgrade rights to Version 8 if support for the above models is required
  • HASP Licence Key support
  • MYOB Link Add-On
  • LiquorFile Add-On
  • MacromatiX export
  • ‘Automatically extract new items during Collect Sales’ and ‘Automatically extract all program during Collect Sales’ options removed from Preferences and POS Terminals
  • Maximum number of Price Levels reduced from 236 to 99

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