Version 9 Preview – Screen Layouts

In this post we will consider some of the improvements to Screen Layout programming that will be included in Version 9.

Button Layout 2

Version 9 will include support for programming Button Layout 2 and other settings for the Transaction Area of the display.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modify Button Layout 2 Screen

Add/Modify Items and Clerk Captions

Version 9 will also include support for Adding or Modifying Items while editing Screen Layouts and an option to Update Clerk Captions.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Modify Button Layout 1 Screen

Automatically Update PLU/Clerk Button Clerk Captions

Two new options have been added to Preferences that can be used to Update PLU Button and/or Clerk Button captions automatically. If you enable these options then whenever you edit an item description or a clerk name the buttons in your screen layouts will be updated automatically.

Uniwell Lynx v9 Preferences Screen