Uniwell Lynx v11.02.0086

New Firmware Support

  • HX-6500/5500/4500/4000/2500/1500-03 v4.60

New POS Programming

  • Allergen

New Report Options

  • Wide Layout option with configurable column start hours added to Group Hourly Sales and Item Hourly Sales reports
  • Dashboard KPIs configuration
  • Report font selection Arial/Bahnschrift/Ebrima/Gadugi/Nirmala UI/Segoe UI/Trebuchet MS (Setup > Preferences > Other)
  • New report color schemes (Lime/Rose/Mustard)

New Customer Module Features

  • Customer Summary Report
  • New customer invoices/statements design with optional graphic logo
  • Email Customer Invoices
  • Cc and Bcc options and Merge fields for Email Subject/Message added to Email Customer Statements and Email Customer Promotions
  • Email New Customer Invoices option added to Scheduled Jobs

User Interface

  • New font – Segoe UI
  • New Color Schemes (Bubblegum/Sailing/Teal)
  • Form scaling (Setup > Preferences > User Interface)
  • New menu and shortcut bar icons

Scheduled Jobs

  • Restart POS Terminal option

Export Items for Label Printing

  • Option to save and load Label Configurations

Other New Features

  • ‘Show quantity on batch reports’ and ‘Show amount on batch reports’ options added to Function Texts
  • Bill numbers no longer required for Customer Invoices
  • Email fields increased to 255 characters
    (Company Info, Customers, Email Addresses, Locations, Suppliers)
  • FTP Folder setting added to FTP Server communications
  • ‘Do not allow new Stock Transfers if a source item has insufficient stock’ option added to Setup > Preferences > Options
  • PLU Related, Rate/Amount and Payment menu sub-items added to user security
  • Import/Export Settings options added to Setup > Preferences