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AX/HX Firmware Upgrades

As part of their ongoing development, Uniwell Corporation release firmware upgrades for their AX/HX series POS terminals from time to time. These firmware upgrades include new features and/or fixes for known issues.

Your authorised Uniwell dealer can advise you about the firmware upgrades available for your system. However, it is important to check that firmware upgrades are compatible with the version of Uniwell Lynx you are using BEFORE upgrading. To assist with this we have added a firmware compatibility chart to the Supported POS Terminals page of our web site.

Uniwell Lynx v9.03.0018

New Firmware Support

  • HX-5500/4500/4000-F3 v4.00

PostgreSQL Update

  • PostgreSQL updated to v10.4-1 in Enterprise version

 Other New Features

  • Support for data.ini file to set default data directory
  • Job Code description added to Attendance/Pay report in Labour Cost Reporting Add-On
  • Tare Table column added to Items data grid
  • Mobile added as a filter option on Customers data grid
  • Location filter added to Communications Log
  • French translation updated

Uniwell Lynx Upgrade Promotion

Uniwell Lynx Upgrade Promotion

Do you have Uniwell Lynx software that is version 5 or older? If so, for a limited time we are offering discounted upgrades to suit all budgets! You can upgrade to either version 7, 8 or 9 for a reduced price.

Upgrading to a newer version of software gives you the benefit of additional features, ongoing software support availability and Windows 10 compatibility. You can read further about the benefits of updating your software here.

Contact your Lynx Software Reseller for more details and upgrade pricing or fill out the form below.