News and Updates

Uniwell Lynx v10.03.0027

New Features

  • ‘Add date/time stamp to filename when sending program to an FTP server’ option added to Preferences > Communications
  • Support for Send/Extract Program and Collect Sales via USB drive added to Lite version

Uniwell Lynx v10.03.0024

New Features

  • Performance improvements
    • Data Conversion (Lite/Standard)
    • Zero Item Sales report
    • Major Group Spend Analysis report
    • Group Spend Analysis report
    • Group Hourly Sales report
    • Item Hourly Sales report
    • Stock Valuation report
    • Stocktake Variance report
    • Stock Hourly Usage
    • Customer Invoices grid
    • Customer Receipts grid
    • Journal Receipts grid
  • Customer Invoices, Customer Receipts, Journal Receipts
    • Default date range changed to Today for faster initial grid load
    • Apply button added to Custom date range to prevent unnecessary grid refreshes while selecting data range
  • Location Sales report with ‘Sort by rank’ option
  • Support added for Taxable Tax Subtotal figures on Transaction report
  • Support for receiving screen bmp files from an FTP server when collecting sales