Uniwell Lynx v7.00.0071

Release Date:    29/02/2016

AX/HX Customer Loyalty

The following new features have been added to enhance support for the AX/HX Customer Loyalty system.

  • Loyalty Point and Points Per Amount columns added to the Groups and Items data grids
  • Group Loyalty Listing
  • Item Loyalty Listing

AX/HX Screen Layouts

  • AX/HX Screen Layouts option added to the Shortcut Bar for quick access
  • AX/HX Screen Layouts are now stored in ‘PRS’ files*

*Previously, AX/HX screen layouts were stored and edited directly in the linked PRG files and were always overwritten during an Extract Program. They are now stored in ‘PRS’ files and only overwritten if the new ‘AX/HX Screen Layouts’ option is enabled when doing an Extract Program. This change has been made to give users greater control over extracting, editing and sending AX/HX screen layouts.

CustEdit.prg Report Push Up files

Support has been added for extracting customers from AX/HX custedit.prg Report Push Up files when automatically extracting program during collect sales if the customer.prg file does not exist in the Report Push Up files.